Thanks to my abilities of being a 2ic and added to site, I am retrieving old Trilogy Posts that Cheeze wrote

The Map

The Map for Mimo's War

The Map
Map of Surf’s and Tap’s Trilogies


 The Map for Kali’s Trilogy will be made soon!

Time Line of GT Trilogies

1. Lotus and Lopii’s clones die

2. Tap joins GT as The Janitor

3. Nachos/Reds invade GT and kill a soldier

4. Tap is accused

Lopii and Lotus Return while tap is taken to Nacho/Red base

5. Raid on Nacho base

Cheeze gets freed, and joins tap on attacking another Nacho base, Cheeze dies and Rio is rescued and joins PSA

6. Hacker’s raid GT base

7. GT Evacuate the base

Tap attacks Hacker Isle and takes out Sora for the first time

Tap is accused of helping the hackers and gets arrested

8. 2nd Nacho Raid with IW

9. Invasion of base succeeded

10. Base Camp is attacked and destroyed

11. Soldiers escape from prison

12. Surviors escape

Lotus is fired from GT for releasing Prisonors, Tap and Swimmy escape Jail

13. WW1 begins

14. First pixel bomb is launched

15. Pixel Bombing raids

16. Lotus is killed

17. Lotus. Jr (Bud) is taken in by Surf

18. Lopii commits suicide to blow up an ACP base

Nachos, IW, NW, PH, PSA and ACP attack GT base, NW joins the Reds and gives them Pixel Bomb plans and Sora’s Gun

19. Unknown Pixel bomb dropped (confirmed as UMA’s)

20.  War on UMA declared by GT

Sercan Tells tap someone will die in the Black hole.


Tap and Rio fly to Black Hole

Sora gets knocked out by Tap’s hand, Rio gets killed by Rock

Nic kills Sora, but dies from rock Slicing his head off.

Tap learns he is a Fire Warrior and traps rock by an explosion, UMA base Destroyed.


23. Will be added with a ton of others later

  Hello, I Am Surf. :d

  I will now list the avaible stories:

 Surf’s Chronicles- Book 1 and 2… 4 chapters in a book

Tap’s Trilogy- Book 1 and 2

Kali’s Trilogies- 2 chapters

Mimo’s War- 1 chapter

Title says it all.

Starting sunday, I will ask People for topics about who i should write about, what is happening to them, and what type of story it is. I will write it throughout the week and publish it on Saturday of the same week. The cyle is repeating and this week I wish to write about Mr. Horny aka Wenny 😀 Comment with what you want the story about and what it will be (i presume comedy for wenny)

My story is over, but Kali has new story and I will write individual stories still since people think they were better than cheeze’s

Book 1 (GTTv2) is done and I’ve uploaded 1/3 of the 1st Chapter to Book 2, Tap has finished his 1st Book and will start the 2nd one on Feb. 1st! Read ‘en, comment on ’em. Spam on spam page! TY ILY2 BYEZ

 From  ~GTT2V

Chapters 1 -4 are out on my Trilogy, and things are getting interesting. Also check out Surf’s story and coment on both 😀 Cheers

Btw, Fear the Gold Nachos and Reds

 Trilogy Chapters 1 and 2 are ready!

Hello, I am Surf, GT 2ic. This site is the Golden Troops Trilogy website. A storyline about the G3 of GT.